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PREMA 於2017年成立,旨在提供一系列有效減壓的服務為主,讓都市人重拾身、心、情緒以及社交健康。

PREMA 字源梵文和拉丁文,意指 「無條件的愛」。

在正向心理學中,P.R.E.M.A 五個字母也是身心和諧模式(Wellness Model)中的五個元素 “Positive emotion” (正面情緒)、 “Relationship” (關係)、 “Engagement” (投入)、”Meaning”(意義)、 “Achievement” (成就) 的英文字頭 。

PREMA founded in 2017. Our missions to provide series of effective & efficient stress management services, helping individuals to balance their physical, emotional and social health.

The word PREMA means “unconditional love” in Latin and Sanskrit, while PREMA also means “Positive Emotion”, “Relationship”, “Engagement”, “Meaning” and “Achievement” in the Wellness Model of the field of Positive Psychology.